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Delve into the legendary "Cross-Cutting Art" and uncover the secrets of combat with Poland's national weapon.

Listen to our story

Unveil the secrets of Polish saber fencing and discover why

this course is the perfect fit for you.

Cross-Cutting Art - Online Courses

The world's first comprehensive online course in Polish saber fighting. Discover the richness of old Polish fencing, learn to wield the national weapon, and express your attachment to tradition.

Polish Saber

Fighting Course Vol. I

Cross-Cutting Art - Online Course

Polish Saber

Fighting Course Vol. II

Cross-Cutting Art - Online Course

Polish Saber
Fighting Course Vol. III

Cross-Cutting Art - Online Course

What makes our students love our course?

Read testimonials from our students worldwide and learn why they decided to start their learning journey with us.

"l would like to write to you to
thank you for your videos, which
are really excellent. And practiced
knife fencing in the Italian
tradition for several years, and I
am really interested in your Polish
saber method.
Best regards from Switzerland.”

John's comment from Vimeo

First of all, I just bought the first
course, and I would like to thank
you for all your research and all
your hard work to make your
awesome saber fighting course
learnable online! Thank you so
flies! I've waited to learn this for
so long! Thank you and best
wishes! God bless you all!
Polish Hungarian two mates...

Gergó's comment from Vimeo

l would say that although there
are just 3 hours of instruction in
Vol. I course, there are many
hundreds or thousands of hours of
training to make this your own(...).
Having come from a background of
longsword, messer, etc., the body
mechanics are very specific to the
cross-cutting sabre. ( ... ) Practice
does not make perfect. Only
perfect practice makes perfect.

Nick's comment from Vimeo

Acquire unique knowledge of saber training and technique.

Go through a structured and progressive training program that will enable you to learn quickly and effectively.

Impress your friends with your moulinets and flashy combinations.

Develop self-defense skills using melee weapons.

Embrace your connection to Polish culture and feel a part of its centuries-old tradition.

Master the art of movement, proper execution of cuts, parries, feints, provocations, and complex attack sequences.

What do you gain from our course?

Saber fencing is more than just mastering combat techniques; it's a lesson in perseverance and discipline. It's about discovering the inner and outer strength you need to overcome life's obstacles and your own weaknesses. It's a part of our national pride and identity, and an inspiration to cherish the traditional values that have embodied the courage and strength of our ancestors for centuries.


Discover strength in tradition.

Saber fighting is not just about mastering combat techniques; it's a journey of resilience and discipline. It's about unlocking the inner and outer strength needed to overcome life's obstacles and conquer your own limitations.

Embrace the legacy of Sarmatian warriors and acquire unique skills passed down through the centuries.

Introducing your online instructor

This course is your virtual guide, leading you step-by-step through the process of acquiring saber fencing knowledge and skills. Discover the secrets of Sztuka Krzyżowa in a way that is tailored to your fitness level, abilities, and available time.

Developed from 30 years of experience

Comprehensive training system

Over 9 hours of training material

Animations that enhance learning

Saving time and money

Train at home

Simultaneous recording from 3 cameras

Crafted with Passion

Perfect for a gift


Rise among the new breed of warriors

Don't miss this chance to embark on an extraordinary journey. Our online Polish saber fighting course is not just instruction; it's an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Become an adept of the "Cross-Cutting Art" - learn to wield the saber and cultivate a national tradition.

Why else do students love our course?

And respect your videos. In the past, I
was a stuntman, in 152 films with
my participation, plus a karate
world champion trainer, I watched
hundreds of thousands of
educational programs. In terms of
quality, yours is an order of
magnitude better than 99% of
Japanese, Irish, and Brazilian
ones. I am delighted, thank you
Sincerely, Yuriy from Ukraine

Yuriy's comment from PM

I purchased Part I and... I just knelt down. Respect. Amazing work, fantastic training material. In my humble opinion, the best-made training material in the world of martial arts. Simple and precise presentation of the material. Congratulations and I'm saving up for Vol. II.

Matts's comment from Facebook

I bought the course. It's incredible. I had previously watched the excerpts available on YT, but what I received exceeds all expectations, mine of course. I'm learning on my own, so I'm not an expert, but what I received will train me great. It's great that someone promotes what every Pole was born for - the saber.

Marcin's comment from Vimeo

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