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Master the art of saber combat with our pioneering courses and training, or explore our patriotic store.


Unleash the spirit of Sarmatian warriors!

Our Mission

For three decades, our family has been ardent custodians of the Polish saber tradition, actively promoting the vibrant culture of old Poland. Inspired by our nation's glorious past, we share the values that define our heritage.

With authenticity and enthusiasm, we unveil the world to the Polish saber and the land of winged horsemen.

Janusz "Tata" Sieniawski

The modern-day father of Sztuka Krzyżowa. A fountainhead of knowledge and values that have underpinned our endeavors from the very beginning.

Bartosz Sieniawski

A leading expert and researcher of European martial arts, he has authored groundbreaking scholarly articles on the Polish saber and Old Polish fencing.

Krzysztof Sieniawski

Fencer, cinematographer, and graphic designer, he is the author of the visual concept for our activities and sets the direction for building a modern image of Sztuka Krzyżowa.

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Clothing and Equipment

Experience the revival of Polish values, symbols, and heroes at our online store. Our minimalist apparel, inspired by Polish warriors, and fencing equipment dedicated to Sztuka Krzyżowa honor Poland's rich heritage.

Online courses

Delve into the secrets of Sztuka Krzyżowa and master the art of wielding Poland's national weapon. Our courses go beyond refining combat techniques; they are a journey of self-discovery, unearthing the warrior spirit within and forging a connection with a rich heritage.


Join us for workshops and individual fencing lessons. Harness our knowledge and expertise to master the traditional saber fighting technique or incorporate its elements into self-defense.

Melee Weapons

Unveil exceptional training weapons, crafted with passion and refined through years of experience. Our hand-forged sabers embody the masterful artistry, enduring resilience, and raw spirit of Polish combat weaponry.

What we offer:

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Any questions?

We're happy to help!

For years, we have been sharing our knowledge and promoting the Polish art of saber fighting, Sztuka Krzyżowa. We are here to help, guide, and advise.

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